Experiencing global turbulences, we are all facing challenges that were never seen before. Humanity as a part of nature should seek protection in its origins

The Mother Nature takes care of every human.

There are naturalelements
that can raise the body's
defences,improve positive and slow negative processes.

However, in order to obtain these elements in a pure form, with preserved properties, without harmful impurities, technologies are needed.

We are working hard  to apply the best technologies in order to carefully take the most healthy elements from nature and bring them to the customers.

We offer tremendous promise in preserving and restoring health.

We provide Scientifically proven most powerful natural substances known to mankind in the purest and most bioavailable form possible

We are working hard to apply the besttechnologies

Oxidation is the reason of most common health disorders

Inflammation Infections
Heart diseaseCirculation disorders

Oxidation Process

Normal cell
Cell affected by free radicals
Cell with Oxidative Stress

Oxidation reduce/enhance

Factors reduce body's damage due to oxidation
  • 1Organic food
  • 2Physical exercises
  • 3Meditation
  • 4Antioxidants
+ Factors enhance body's damage due to oxidation
  • 1Polution
  • 2Stress
  • 3Fastfood
  • 4Smoking
  • 5Alcohol
  • 6Radiation

Antioxidant №1

Taxifolin has been found to be a stronger antioxidant than any othernatural compound.

Taxifolin, also known as Dihydroquercetin, is a unique polyphenolic flavonoid molecule naturally isolated from the larch tree.

Taxifolin is a unique natural compound with great potential to beneficially affect human health.

Taxifolin Purity

Oxygen radicals (ROSs, commonly called "oxygen radicals" or "free radicals") absorbance capacity tests are among the most acknowledged methods that measure antioxidant scavenging activity against oxygen radicals that are known to be involved in the pathogenesis of aging and many common diseases.

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity testing done has shown that pure 98% taxifolin has one of the highest single compound values ever tested and it is 10 times more potent an antioxidant than quercetin, 80 times more potent than vitamin C, and 50 times more potent than vitamin E.

Taxifolin (2R,3R-trans-dihydroquercetin) safety is approved by authorities

FDA (USA) and EFSA (EU) approved taxifolin as the novel safe ingredient in the production of nutrition products.
Our taxifolin (2R,3R-trans-dihydroquercetin) is produced in a state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000-2005, and HACCP-compliant facility.

Production technology

Small amounts of taxifolin (2R,3R-trans-dihydroquercetin) are found in onions, cherry blossoms, rose petals, grape seeds, milk thistle, and eucalyptus trees, but the largest natural source is found in Larch trees (Larix gmelinii­).

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